Rules of articles reviewing

1. Periodic scientific-practical journal “Bulletin of Physiology and Pathology of Respiration” publishes the following: scientific articles (clinical and experimental researches), scientific surveys, lectures and reports; scientific reviews and comments; information materials (presentation of the work of conferences, symposiums, meetings and plenary sessions on the important issues of epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of respiratory diseases).

2. The Editorial Board confirms the receipt of the article not later than 10 days since its reception.

3. The Editorial Board arranges reviewing of the articles which are relevant to the subject areas of the journal (medicine, biology) to give an expert judgment. Only those articles which are recommended by independent experts (reviewers) are published in the journal. The reviewers are chosen only from distinguished scientists of an appropriate scientific field who have had publications on the topic of the article under review for the last three years and who can give an argumentative review (1 page) about the scientific importance of the material presented in the article and its relevance to the requirements and subject areas of the journal. The reviewer evaluates the topicality of the scientific article; correctness of the aim of the research; justification, originality and reliability of the obtained results, as well as their quality in comparison with the achievements of the given subject area. The Editorial Board can accept as the positive review of the article different recommendations given by organization committees of All-Russian and International Scientific-Technical Conferences as well as reportings of scientific seminars of academic scientific and research institutions and scientific and technical committees of universities.

4. If, according to the review, the article needs additional work, the article is sent to the author. The corrected article must be returned to the Editorial Board in a very short time. The author of the article sends the corrected version of the article and attaches the letter with all the answers to the questions of the reviewers and clarification of all the changes made in the article. The corrected article if necessary can be sent to repeat reviewing. The article which needs additional work after reviewing is not accepted for publishing if it is not returned to the Editorial Board for more than 6 months.

5. If the article is declined by the reviewer, then by the decision of the Editorial Board it can be sent to repeat reviewing to another reviewer. In case the article is declined again, the Editorial Board sends the author a motivated justification of the decline or the copy of the review. The surname of the reviewer can be known to the author only if the reviewer does not object to that.

6. The articles are published as a rule in the order of priority of their receipt in the Editorial Board. If the article needs additional work, then the date of the receipt is considered to be the date of the reception of the corrected version of the article. The Editorial Board is entitled to change the order of priority of publications.

7. The reviews on the articles are kept in the Editorial Board during 5 years.